Sourdough bread 


Sourdough is incredible. It's a great source of probiotics and is low FODMAP at 2 slices. It's a process, to make this from scratch it will take about 2 weeks. If you have the sourdough starter and it's been fed and happy, you can make a loaf of bread in a day.


To start the starter:

50g Flour (I use white bakers flour)

50g water

Combine well, place in a jar, put clothe over top and secure with an elastic band. Add same equal parts flour and water every day for 3 days (50g flour, 50g water). 

On the fourth day you should hopefully see some bubbles forming. Continue to feed with the equal parts flour and water. Every 4 days you will have to get rid of some starter as you’ll just have too much. 

You should start seeing lots more bubbles and the bubbles should become a bit more foamy. 

Your starter is ready when it passes the float test. In a full glass of water gently drop a teaspoon of starter into the water and it should float on top. Do this test before feeding the starter. I usually repeat a kind of float test every time I bake, just when mixing the water and starter.


To make a loaf of sourdough:

Measure out 680g bakers flour, add a generous pinch of salt. I use a large ceramic mixing bowl. 

In a separate jug I measure 530g room temp water and add 1/2 cup of starter. Mix well. 

Pour the water and starter mix into the flour and combine well. 

It will be very sticky. Very, very sticky. Do not envision a nice dough ball - It will be a sticky mess. 

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap/lid/dinner plate and leave it on the bench for 18 hours. 

It should doubles in size. It also looks even more sticky after the 18 hours. 

When time is up, using plain flour, heavily flour your bench and a tea towel lined bowl. I do the next step in the dish I bake in and just flip it later. 

Tip the dough out onto the floured bench. You will need a scraper or spatula. Its almost like pouring it out. 

Fold the dough onto itself about four times. Imagine lifting, stretching and folding each 4 sides across the dough. 

Plop the dough into the heavily floured tea towel lined bowl smooth side down - that'll be your top later. 

Sprinkle generously with flour, fold the tea towel over loosely and cover. Leave for 1.5hours. 

When the 1.5 hour mark is nearing, preheat your oven to 260c (yes, that hot).

When the time is up, holding the towel, flip the bread into your dish and I sprinkled the dough with some sesame and chia seeds.

About the dish - I used a dutch oven, but apparently you can use a Pyrex glass casserole dish with a lid. I do not preheat my dish. 

Cut a slit across the top. Pop the lid on and place into the oven, slightly reducing the temp.

Bake for 30min 250c, then remove lid and bake 15min 240c. 

Remove from oven and remove from dish carefully. I pop it out using a wooden spoon if it has stuck at all. Place on wire rack and leave to cool before cutting. 

Done :) 

It sounds fiddly but once you do it a few times its very easy. You may need to adjust oven temperatures and times to suit your oven and the dish you use.


This recipe is courtesy of Kate Meadows who had absolutely mastered the sourdough. Thank you so much!!