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Avocado, feta and dukkah toast topper
Yoghurt + garlic oil, lemon and duke toast topper

Ok so I know that toast doesn't look very pretty, but I just wanted to share that toast doesn't have to have typical toppers, you can mix things up! 


Ingredients for 1 serve:

2 slices of traditional sourdough 

1/8 avocado 

1 tbs dukka*

12 lemon juiced 

1 tbs Greek yoghurt

1 tsp garlic oil 



Toast bread, assemble avocado, feta and duke on one slice

On the other slice add greek yoghurt, sukkah and drizzle with garlic oil 



Low FODMAP info for those with IBS:

Traditional white or rye sourdough is low in fodmaps at 2 slices (ensure the toast has only been left to rise for between 2-24hours

1/8 avocado is low FODMAP in polyol - sorbitol 

Greek yoghurt is low FODMAP at 200g

Garlic oil is low FODMAP 

Lemon is low FODMAP 

*Dukka depending on ingredients and amount can be low FODMAP (check for no garlic or onion)