FOD Shop is an online grocery food shop providing low FODMAP food products to customers and patients who require a low FODMAP diet, for the management of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

All products available at FOD Shop have been analysed & deemed suitable by FODMAP experts trained in the field, therefore they are safe and suitable for IBS patients to eat, no matter where a person is at in their digestive health journey. FOD Shop provides a combination of low FODMAP by ingredient, and low FODMAP certified food products, certified either by The FODMAP Friendly Food Program or Monash University; Australia’s leaders in FODMAP food product FODMAP research and analysis.

In addition to the provision of low FODMAP food products online, FOD Shop provides low FODMAP resources to patients, including low FODMAP and allergen friendly recipes that are healthy, quick and easy to make in the face of a very busy lifestyle, and a global open-access gut health specialist directory, to enable improved patient access to a local FODMAP and gut health expert clinician, no matter where a patient is based.

FOD Shop are very passionate about empowering patients and customers to take control of their health, when at times it can feel impossible. Their mission is to continue to build a strong community support network for IBS patients and gut health experts, empowering all involved to work together to achieve better gut health outcomes.

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FodShop was founded in May 2018 by a University-qualified Nutritionist with extensive nutrition experience in FODMAPs, IBS and gut health promotion.

FodShop facilitates the building of strong dietitian-led IBS support networks, engaging food manufacturers, and patients, to enable an integrated approach to better gut health outcomes