Low FODMAP Snacks

The research on meal frequency suggest that having small, regular meals through the day is most beneficial for those people with irritable bowel syndrome. Going too long without food can actually make IBS symptoms worse. So, I thought I’d write a blog post about nourishing snacks that will help to tie you over until your next meal. I’ve had some requests for vegetable and dairy based snacks, so I’ve broken them down into categories  


Vegetable based snacks: 

·      Carrot, cucumber, capsicum sticks (could do ½ of each) WITH

-      ¼ jar of Leggos Chunky tomato low fodmap sauce AND/OR

-      1 tbs homemade hummus (1 tin chickpeas, 1 tbs tahini, 2 tsp garlic infused oil, 1 tsp cumin, dash of lemon, salt – blitz in food processor)   AND/OR


-      Tzatziki (homemade is super easy – 200g chobani greek yoghurt + 1 tsp garlic inufused oil + ½ cucumber grated and pat dry + salt – stir together)  AND/OR

-      1 tbs peanut butter AND/OR

·      1 medium baked potato with 40g cheese + some oregano + other herbs

·      A slice of sourdough bread with one tomato diced with basil, green tips of spring onion, dash of garlic oil and some salt 

·      1 cup of edamame beans 

·      1 regular serve Zucchini slice (omit cream – use lactose free milk, use green parts of spring onion instead of onion, no garlic, use garlic infused oil) 

·      Frittata with low fodmap veg + cheese (omit high fodmap ingredients as above)




Diary snacks:

·      Berry and banana smoothie – 250ml lactose free or soy protein milk + ½ firm banana (frozen or fresh), 10 blueberries (frozen or fresh) + dash of maple syrup 

·      Hot chocolate or milo made on soy protein milk or lactose free milk OR a coffee (if you can tolerate caffeine)

·      1 tub of Liddells Lactose free yoghurt 

·      1 tub of Chobani flavoured yoghurt (only choose low fodmap flavours) or 200g Chobani yoghurt with some fruit, sprinkle of chia seeds, some maple syrup

·      12 rice crackers (check for no inulin or garlic + onion) – many of the Peckish variety are low fodmap with 40g cheese 



Carb based snacks: 

·      1 Sushi roll with vegetables and tofu 

·      2 cups air popped popcorn

·      Low fodmap muesli bar

- Food For Health: Cacao, Vanilla and chia+ Blueberry and Teff + Cinnamon, Hazelnut& Chia + Fruit Free Bars with Almond and Chia + Cocoa Vanilla & Chia
- Golden Days: Mixed nut + Original + Sesame, Peanut nut snaps + yoghurt
- TrueSelf: Blueberry & Lemon Poppy, Pumpkin Spice
- FODY Food Co: Almond Coconut Bar + Dark Chocolate, Nuts & Sea Salt bar

·      Slice of sourdough toast with topping like peanut butter, coconut yoghurt (check no inulin) + banana + maple syrup, a slice of cheese 




Protein based snacks:

·      20g mixed nuts

·      Golden days original sesame snaps and Peanut snacks 

·      Boiled egg/eggs on sourdough bread 

·      ¼ cup Roasted chickpeas = 1 veg (see recipe section on website under snacks)







Fruit based snacks: 

·      A piece of low fodmap fruit like a firm banana, 20 blueberries, 1 cup of strawberries