Coconut yoghurt with muesli and strawberries


Ingredients for 1:

1/4 cup rolled oats

5 walnuts, roughly chopped

Sprinkle of chia seeds

125g coconut yoghurt

5 strawberries, sliced 

7 almonds, sliced

1 tsp linseed



Stir all together and enjoy 





If you want some more information and to try and understand the low FODMPAP diet further - see below

1/4 cup quick oats or 1/2 cup whole oats is low FODMAP , more than this becomes high in olgio fructans*

10 walnut halves is low FODMAP, more than 35 become a moderate serve of olgio fructans*

10 almonds is low FODMAP, 20 almonds become high in olgio GOS**

Strawberries are low FODMAP 

So good milk is low FODMAP 

2 tbs chia seeds is low FODMAP, 4 tbs become high in olgio fructans*

1 tbs linseed is low FODMAP, 2 tbs becomes high in olgio GOS**

125g coconut yoghurt is low FODMAP


*Because these foods contain olgio fructans it's important on the elimination diet to keep portions to only one serve. For this reason I keep oats to 1/2 serve traditional oats or 1/4 cup, then 1/2 serve of walnuts e.g about 5 nuts and just a sprinkle of chia seeds. ** These foods all contain olgio GOS, so on the elimination phase of the diet or if you malabsorb olgio GOS it may be worthwhile to keep total serves down. For this reason I included about 1/4 serve of linseed e.g. 1tsp and 3/4 serve of almond or about 7. This really does depend on individual tolerance levels. Two serves of green foods in monash would only equal an orange or moderate food and should be ok for most people. .