Cocoa and Strawberry Smoothie 

IMG_0006 2.JPG

Strawberry and cocoa smoothie :) it was quite tarty as I had added extra Greek yoghurt so I added a tsp of maple syrup to balance it all out. .


Innredients approx for 1:

200ml milk - lactose free or a soy protein milk 

6 strawberries (frozen if you like a thick smoothie)

1/2 cup Greek yoghurt 

1-2 tsp cocoa (depending on taste preference)

Maple syrup to taste.



Blitz up in food processor until combined 


Info for those with IBS on the Low FODMAP diet:

1- Strawberries are low FODMAP 

2 tsp Cocoa is low FODMAP 

200g Traditional Greek yoghurt like Chobani is lowfodmap 

Lactose free milk or soy protein milk is low FODMAP