How to avoid high FODMAP ingredients when shopping


Search the shops for Monash or Fodmap Friendly certified products 

First rule of thumb, if it's got one of these logos on the package, you can be guaranteed that it is low FODMAP. You can download the Fodmap Friendly or Monash ap. Some products with certification do not have the logo printed on the products. Special tip: Remember that even low FODMAP foods can become high fodamp foods if you consume larger portions of them. Always stick to the serve size listed on the packet! 



You can check out their websites to find a full list of all products

Monash Certified Products

Fodmap Friendly certified products


Buy low FODMAP ingredients

When starting on the low FODMAP diet, it's easy to get caught up thinking about everything that you cannot eat (see list below) - but there is a massive a amount of foods that you can eat. Take your phone with you so that you can check at the shop that your processed food items are low FODMAP.  

Click here for the Low FODMAP shopping guide


Avoid high FODMAP ingredients

The next step is to have an idea of high FODMAP ingredients to avoid.  Below are some common ingredients added to many health foods and gluten free products that could make them high FODMAP (depending on the proportion, so whilst you ar completing the low FODMAP elimination it is best to avoid foods that contain these products:

* Apple juice

* Agave

* Besan flour

* Bean flour

* Buttermilk

* Chicory root

* Coconut flour

* Condensed milk

* Custard

* Dried fruit

* Evaporated milk

* Erythritol (e968) 

* Fructose

* Fruit concentrate

* Fruit sugar

* Fructo-oligosaccharides

* Fructose-glucose syrup

* High fructose corn syrup



* Garlic powder or garlic in any form

* Honey

* Inulin

* Isoglucose

* Isolated Fructose

* Isomalt (e953)

* Ice-cream

* Lentil flour

* Maltitol (e965)

* Mannitol (e421)

* Milk solids

* Oat milk

* Onion powder or any other mention of onion

* Sorbitol (e420)

* Soy flour

* Soy milk made with soy beans

* Wheat flour

* Xylitol (e967) 


The key is to not be overwhelmed, have an idea of what you want to cook before you go and check the ingredients are low FODMAP. Take your phone with your aps so that you can check items while you are at the shop. As you get use to the diet, it won't seem so overwhelming.