What's a Dietitian and what can they do for you?

A Dietitian is a university qualified health professional that has studied diet and health for 4+ years. A Dietitian will work with you to improve your diet and manage your health conditions. Read on for more info.


Using Aps to navigate the low FODMAP diet

This blog post explains how to navigate the low FODMAP diet using the Monash and Fodmap Friendly aps.

How to read a food label

Reading a food label can be difficult and a bit overwhelming. The writing is small, it’s all cramped in together and there are a lot of number. Click below for a simple label reading guide and explanation.


Shopping low FODMAP

Exploring the supermarkets can become a little overwhelming when there's a long list of foods that you cannot eat. Here's some tips and hints on what you can eat and how to avoid those high FODMAP foods.